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buscandid_5555835A Message from our President, Steve Schafer…

Founded in Michigan in 1978, in the homes of a high school teacher and an adding machine salesman, Matsch Financial Systems Ltd. went into business selling its very first product – a payroll processing program.  Several years and a couple of products later, Matsch got its first big opportunity in the telecommunications management space, and has not looked back.

Though decidedly NOT the next “hot new tech startup”, there is an air of excitement at Matsch.  It is both exciting and humbling to stand beside our customers and listen to their challenges, then work together to develop the right solution.

It is our strongest desire to continue the work we love to do, partnering with our existing customers, and developing relationships with new customers. 

We love to help clients leverage the stability and reliability of our applications to manage complex and rapidly changing technology trends.

Our core MOST application is being used in ways never imagined, ways that are possible when trust is at the center of the relationship.

As has been the case for the past three decades, Matsch is growing right alongside of our customers, learning about their evolving challenges, and helping them find the right solution.

 1-chartCompany History

Matsch – as an IT and telemanagment company – grew out of the tremendous growth in on-site PBX’s starting in 1984 when it provided turnkey systems for managing SMDR/CDR information. Initially, Matsch worked with NEC America, helping its agents (RBOC’s and PBX Vendors) to implement and support NEC developed software and systems. Later, NEC added Matsch’s telecommunications related application software to its suite of application software product offerings. In the early 90’s Matsch purchased the source rights to NEC’s software. It then enhanced and ported all of its software to new platforms.

In the late 90’s Matsch determined that secondary applications such as call accounting were costing too much and taking too many precious resources (staff time) to justify on-site systems in some situations. The internet enabled Matsch to provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is more cost-effective with a lower entry cost than the old on-site system or software-only solution.

While Matsch still maintains numerous on-site systems with robust capabilities, many of its new customers prefer the SaaS model. Many of the current SaaS customers are former on-site system customers.

Most recently Matsch has expanded its focus to include VOIP, and SIP systems, wireless management, and customized IT billing software. Now we have easy-to-install SaaS based services that work with most telecommunications and UC platforms.

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