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graphs_385542_SMatsch Open System Telemanagement (MOST) Suite of Application Software

MOST-Phacs Call Accounting -The MOST-Phacs Call Accounting System provides information to help control and manage all of the costs associated with telephone usage. MOST-Phacs is a comprehensive call accounting system that features the ability to process CDR from multiple switches in a real-time environment. MOST-Phacs also includes traffic management and electronic directory.

MOST Communication Facilities Management System (CFMS) -Three interactive database modules make up Matsch’s Communication Facilities Management System (CFMS) -Order Processing and Tracking System, Equipment/Feature Inventory and Network Information System -allow the automation of record keeping based on user needs. These three modules provide the control needed to facilitate change, keep information current, while increasing productivity and efficiency. Paperwork is reduced, work hours become easier to manage, and confusion is eliminated through up-to-date reporting and tracking. These modules together provide a robust system for telecommunications facilities management.

Add-On Modules for MOST

MOST Fraud Detection – A simple tool for managing your network usage so that you quickly have access to detailed information on toll fraud usage

MatschBox Call Processing and Buffering – Linux based device for buffering millions of call records from multiple sources to non-volatile memory. Matsch has developed its own MatschBox Call Buffers to provide flexible, real-time analysis of call records as they are collected.

911 & Call Alerts – This module offers robust reporting of calling patterns used for forensic investigations, productivity monitoring, or in emergencies.

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