Telemarketing, Voice Spam , or SPIT (for “Spam over Internet Telephony”)

Whatever you call it, organizations that take advantage of these low-cost communications are proliferating at an alarming rate, increasing the need for businesses to address the problem in order to save valuable time otherwise wasted sifting through mountains of unwanted, unsolicited communications. Though the FCC’s Do-Not-Call list is a step in the right direction, however there are other means by which you can manage this drain on productivity, such as real-time monitoring and analysis of incoming calls.

As mentioned, the FCC took an initial step to help curb the abuse that has become commonplace of late. That said, According to the FCC, the national Do-Not-Call list protects home voice or personal wireless phone numbers only. Therefore, whereas you may be able to register a business number, doing so will not make telephone solicitations to business number(s) unlawful. Similarly, registering fax numbers for either a home-office or business does not make sending a fax advertisement to that number unlawful. The FCC has separate rules that prohibit unsolicited fax advertisements under most circumstances. For more information on the rules for fax advertisements, see the FCC consumer fact sheet, or visit their website at

The problem

Matsch has recently been asked by one of its customers if we could provide them an “early warning system” to detect telemarketers. They stated that they know that valuable staff time and fax supplies are wasted due to telemarketers, advertisers, and things of that nature. They inquired if we would be able to analyze call patterns and provide a timely analysis which they could then use to block or divert problem incoming calls. It is Matsch’s vision that we can capture and analyze real-time call record data to indicate such things as a pattern of incoming, relatively short duration calls with known numbers, going to multiple extensions. Another pattern would be to analyze fax numbers for patterns. Any information gleaned from this analysis would be automatically forwarded to the Telcom Manager for their determination as to the value and action.

Do you believe this is a problem within your organization? Could you get value from pattern analysis of incoming calls? Please contact me Bob Matthews 616/477-9611 or with your questions or comments.

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