What About Bob?

(Please pardon the movie reference – it was just too good to pass on!)

After helping found our company and working diligently for 30 years, Bob has decided to retire. Bob moved to South Carolina a few years ago with his wife Carol, and is enjoying the beautiful weather and idyllic golfing that surround them. Though he will be missed by his co-workers, he still has ties to West Michigan and we expect to see him occasionally on his visits.

Those of you who know Bob can attest to his desire to help Matsch’s customers by solving their problems in a fair and honest fashion. It is this culture that is a cornerstone of Matsch. That culture is alive and well today, and is still the driving force behind Matsch’s products and services. As Bob would be quick to point out, he was responsible for developing a relationship with our customers during the courtship phase, and could depend on his partner and employees to continue to foster those relationships.

So although Bob’s physical presence will be missed, his help transitioning Matsch to new leadership will ensure a bright future for customers and employees alike.

Thank you, Bob

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