Where is Rob these days???

Sorry – couldn’t resist the play on the “Bob and Rob” duo!

Rob retired!

We’re about 7 months late with this, mostly because all of our customers already are aware that Rob has officially retired from Matsch Systems after 42 years.  In that time he has been a witness to the role of computing in our lives, from its infancy when punch cards were the “language” to the present, when there is infinitely more computing power in our “phones” than the mainframes of the past.  His contribution to Matsch cannot be overstated, and the simple fact that we are now able to write this message is a testament to that fact!

In case you’re wondering why you were not invited to his retirement party, it is because he adamantly refused our (Charlie’s and my) offer of one.  Those of you who know him well understand that despite being a talented teacher, Rob is not one who relishes the spotlight.

You can still reach him via his same email which he checks regularly (old habits!).

We will do our best to continue his and Bob’s legacy for the next 40 years, give or take!

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