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NET-Phacs to the Rescue!

Calvin College is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based college with slightly over 4,000 full time students. They are a long term customer of Matsch and recently converted from an on-site system to our hosted NET-Phacs Plus SaaS Call Accounting Service.

Recently, Laura VanWyk from Calvin called the Matsch ‘hot line’ support requesting assistance in searching for a particular call. Calvin College has a ‘Job Shop’ where local employers can request the listing of jobs they have available for students. A local store had called into the ‘Job Shop’ and left a voice mail message that they had a job opening and would like a call back. The message was garbled and there was some uncertainty about the number left in the voice mail which made it difficult for Calvin’s ‘Job Shop’ Manager to contact the prospective employer. With jobs scarce and the manager sincerely wanting to make the best possible effort she asked Laura if she could verify the incoming number for the call that left the message. Charlie Sears from Matsch saw this as a good opportunity to present the power and flexibility of our software.
Charlie helped Laura to simply go into the Call Detail Inquiry application and search based on what they knew. They knew the first 3 digits were “947” or“974” and that there was a “6” later in the number. They knew that the number had come into the manager’s extension. So they searched for calls coming into that extension with a “947” along with a “6”. Lo and behold, a few calls popped up and one of them was at the time of the message being left. They still did not know the prospective employer’s name though. So Laura selected the reverse look-up option in Call Detail Inquiry and it provided the employer name and address from a white page listing.

This is an excellent example of how the powerful query application, included with all NET Services applications, can help users. It can be used to provide call information on incoming, internal, or outbound calling. NET Service is an excellent tool for helping to analyze and document call information for you and your users, whether they are the “Job Shop”, Campus Security, Human Resources, or Administration.

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